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It’s been three years since the Cataclysm brought ruin upon the world you once knew and destroyed any trace of hierarchy within it. There’s no better time to become the new world’s emperor! Equipped with an ego bigger than the universe you’re trying to rule and followed by your stupidly loyal assistant Hermes, you’re almost ready—now all you need is a plan…


Take the role of Gry, a man of great ambition and little ampathy, who oozes charisma but also sheer stupidity,  as he thinks of a new master plan with the aid of Hermes, his silent but loyal assistant.

Investigate the town of Onoir in search of a way to turn The Butcher, the strongest warrior in the world, into your obedient servant.

Hermes and Gry is a mystery-style adventure filled with witty dialogues and dark humor, with a touch of suspense and whole lot of silliness.



  • Free!
  • 3 different possible masterplans
  • 3 endings and 1 true ending
  • Around 47,000 words
  • Available for Windows, Linux   [UPDATE: And Mac]
  • Hopefully a nice experience


The Team:
Lead developer, concept, writing, programming 

Character design, art, GUI, editing

Noyemi K.

We hope that you will enjoy our game!

[Update: After request, added an untested Mac Version. Please warn us if there's any complications with it.]
[Update 2: Fixed some typo and made it easier to change route from the "true ending" back unto the "alternate ending 3 / bad ending". ]


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Hi, love your game so far, but I'm not sure what I'm doing wrong.  I can't get back that alchmeist part because it is saying an option is locked but a read through all the dialogue. 

Can you update the artist link it's not working anymore it just gives this user doesn't exist anymore please update if you have time.


I'm kinda late, but I finally created an account so that I can comment here.

This game is absolutely awesome, it has everything I want in a VN -- interesting characters, great story, great art, and great world-building! I especially liked how you enjoy the story from Gry's epic POV. (lol)

I've played quite a lot of VNs, and this one is definitely included in my favorite list now ;) I am super looking forward to your next games!

Thank you so much! I'm glad I came back here to give my page a look!

I've been in a bit of a creative slump since H&G, but I'll soon be joining a Game Design University Course, and I hope to make many more games in the rest of my life (And very soon too)

And I hope they'll keep getting better and better! Thank you for your support! ^^


Nice, really nice VN ! 

Gry is so magnificent, what a way of thinking, hahaha ! Good job on all the characters sprites too. They convey their unique personalities really well.

The others comments below explain better than i do how fun the story is. So just thank you for making this VN, i'm hoping for a continuation of Hermes & Gry's adventure as well :)

Ah, thank you so much! The artists did a great job with my weird instructions! ^^
And sorry for the late reply! >_<


Hello HelloLeo,

This is a really awesome VN and I'm so happy I came across this. I love the jokes, especially the 'Relativity' HAHAHA. The game made me laugh from beginning to the end- love the characters, the music, the GUI and Hermes lol- I pity him/her so much. (By the way, I'm still confused about Hermes' gender). This game totally made my day. Thanks so much for creating this game and good luck for the next one!

Ah, thank you for playing my game and taking the time to comment on it (And sorry for my very late response)! It was made confusing on purpose, don't worry! I'm very glad my weird stupid humor resonated with you throughout the game.
Thank you for the encouragements!


I just finished the True Ending, and honestly, it was one of the best VN I have read lately (and trust me, I've read many of them ;) )

It was so funny and made me laugh all the time! I spent a great moment reading it ~

The story was captivating, the character design simply awesome, the music totally fitting, and the gameplay really enjoyable (the index and the inventory, and their funny comments :3 )

I'm so looking forward to your next games, and really really hope someday Hermes & Gry will have new stories!

Thank you for your nice work!

Thank you so much! Your enjoyment means a lot to us. I'm glad you tought it stood out from your library of VNs. ^^

I'm currently writing puzzles for the next Hermes and Gry, I hope to bring an even better experience with the next instalment. Thank you for looking forward to it!

Anf finally, thank you so much for following us and letting us know what you thought of the game. I hope you'll have a great day! ^^



Dark jokes. Dark jokes everywhere.

But since I'm a completionist, I ended up unable to get the alternate end 3. Maybe I'll just replay the game ...

The art is so nice. The music fits the story (the creepy one really creeps me out!). The jokes are spot on. The true ending really ties up everything. I love it so much and I can't wait to see their next adventure!

(also, I was startled to see that the books and bags near the textbox are actually clickable).

(also, was cataclysm caused by Thanos? >///<)

It's a pleasure to see that some people are still finding my game! Thank you for bringing up that topic up. I have just updated the game with a simple choice menu to diverge from the "True Ending" back unto the "Alternate Ending 3" so future players and completionists won't have to suffer like you did. I apologize for that u_u

I'm very glad that you enjoyed our little passion project! I will keep working hard to bring in more dark jokes and meaningful plot development for the next adventure.

Also, I can neither confirm nor deny the Thanos allegations... <_<
Nah actually I can. This isn't the most ambitious cross-over event in history, it's just Hermes and Gry. Thanos will not be joining us later ._.

Thank you for taking time to leave us a comment! I hope you'll have a wonderful day! ^^


(1 edit) (+1)

If anyone's reading this, wondering if they should download this, do it please. You absolutely won't regret it.
(bit of a long comment, agh, i'm sorry !! i just really wanted to directly state how much fun i had on the game page;; don't mind me~)

This game, whoo this g a m e. It's fantastic, truly. I just finished all of the endings (if I may add, the true ending is absolutely fantastic), and I had the time of my life. I love all of the characters! They're all so fun and interesting! every interaction with them makes me want more. This VN had me laughing from start to finish. Exploring everything I could was so worth it! I really feel thoroughly rewarded for getting through it all! I loved how colorful everything was, especially the characters. The mystery of Hermes still haunts my nights~ Speaking of Hermes, I really loved all of their interactions with the characters, especially the ones with Gry, considering how fun they were (even if some of them were really terrible...poor Hermes orz). I can't believe it took me so long to say "Screw it, let's play it." Not to mention how much the art astonished me! A funny game that runs smoothly, has little to no typos, sounds pretty fun with  a lovely soundtrack, and looks nice too? Sign me up! Aah, that's not even touching my love for the image displayed after finishing an ending, I,,really love that picture. All in all, this is a fun ride that's totally worth going on! I had so much fun and would love to see more of these characters and their (mis)adventures in the future. Also, bit of a side-note; I really love he world you've built! I really like learning about the settings in the stories I read, so the index was not only fun, but also a really nice read. Loved the thing you guys did with the bag and book, freaked out about how it was cool for a while haha! Keep being awesome you guys! This is the most fun I've had playing a VN in a while. (Most of the ones I've played recently are super sad, so it's a good refresher if you're feeling down!)

The list of features are 100% true. This is a very nice experience~

Wow, this is the nicest comment I’ve ever received. Thank you very much for writing this down, your feelings have definitively reached us. I’m personally a little overwhelmed here! ^^


As the writer, I’m very happy my weird twisted jokes have managed to make you laugh and have a good time. It’s also very easy for me to be doubtful of my work and such a message is really heartwarming and encouraging.

I’m happy to see someone interested in the world too! It’s a thin balance of not overwhelming the player with a “Lore Dump” about a world (that he doesn’t have a reason yet to care about) and making a world feel well thought out.


We’re very grateful that you enjoyed our game. We will keep trying to bring more enjoyable experiences in the future too.

There will be more Hermes and Gry as well as bigger project in the works. You can follow any of us on Twitter and also myself on itchio to be notified when another project is completed.

Thank you for enjoying my strange little story, it means a lot to me, and thank you for the recommendation. I can only hope that others will enjoy it as much as you did and that my little game will live up to people’s expectations ^^


Thank you again for the lovely message. Please, keep being awesome too!


just wondering if there's a possibility that you will make this game available for mac. i haven't been able to play it as at the moment it isn't, but i can tell you that i think it looks awesome.

Hello there! As no one on the team as access to a Mac computer, we didn't want to pull out an untested Mac Version that we couldn't verify the quality of.
Nevertheless, upon your request, I have updated to page with a Mac version that I hope will work without a problem.

I hope that you will be able to enjoy the game ^^


thank you very much, i can't wait to play it


This is beautifully hilarious! I really love all of the aspects of it - the great art, the quirky music, the hilarious writing! Thank you for creating this!


Thank you so much! It means a lot to me (And for the team) that you did and took time to tell us!
We all hope that we can deliver more enjoyable things in the future as well.

It was our pleasure to make it! Thank you for playing!~


(1 edit) (+1)

Just finished playing - it's hilarious :D You guys did simply great! Separate appreciation waves for the GUI artist~ Gru's Master Plan mode is also very enjoyable :)

Thanks for making the game! Really cheered me up :) Would be great to play your other games (as fun as this one :D) in future!

Oooooooh, thank you~ ^^
The artists LIZM did both the sprites and the GUI, and she was very happy to read your comment!
It was our pleasure to make this game and I am thrilled that it cheered you up. I will be keeping at it for more good times (Hopefully) in the future!



is hermes a boy or a girl find out in the next episode of who gives a damn? (but seriously though this visual novel was enjoyable until the end.)

I'm very happy that you enjoyed our game, and aven more so that you left us a comment! Thank you so much!
And indeed, the mystery of Hermes lives on~